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The Bible is God's wonderful gift to us... and yet for many people, it's size and age is a barrier to understanding it. 

To help all of us know and understand God's message to us, we've gone through the Bible looking for the "key chapters" that are necessary to know and understand so that we can see how God's message unfolds. 

For instance, the book of Leviticus has some of the most important chapters in the entire Bible, but many people don't know about them (or don't know them well) because it's hard to get past the ancient rituals that are presented in graphic details. So the Leviticus section of the podcast focuses on the key chapters of Leviticus so that we can see how they impact the rest of the Bible. 

The list of the key chapters is HERE (and each chapter links to an online Bible source so you can read it right now)... or you can just read & listen to the podcast, one day at a time. 

We hope you're blessed with this podcast and that it deepens your understanding of God's Word and ultimately your faith in Him and His glorious plan for you and all of mankind!

God Bless 

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