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Are you wanting to go deeper in your study of God's Word? Get the Key Chapters of Genesis Study Guide! It is now available in print or kindle on Amazon.

Based on the Key Chapters of the Bible podcast, this study guide contains 22 studies in the key chapters of Genesis. So, this guidebook doesn’t discuss every chapter in Genesis, but it does dig into the ones we need to know and understand thoroughly.

The writing style seeks to be conversational and engaging. The study and discussion questions are a mix of meaty analysis and practical application.

Each chapter study includes the entire NASB text followed by an extended explanation on that passage, then concluding with a set of study and discussion questions.

This guidebook is suitable for personal study, but also designed to be used in classroom studies where the students are seeking to develop a deeper understanding of the meaning and purpose of Genesis.

Indeed, if God’s people don't understand the Book of Genesis, they will struggle to understand the rest of the Bible and ultimately, they’ll struggle to understand their own purpose and meaning in life. Genesis is that important.

This guidebook (and the entire Key Chapters podcast and book series) was produced to help you more clearly understand God’s purposes for His church and your specific role in it. You will have a richer understanding of God's love, grace and plan for mankind. You will also see the depth of our sin and the gift of atonement offered through the cross of Christ. You will better understand key concepts like the covenants, reconciliation, redemption, the origins of nations, and more.

Whether you choose to go through this guidebook individually, as a small group, or as a class, this careful study through the key chapters of Genesis will help deepen your fellowship with our Lord and your commitment to His work in your life and the world.

This is a standalone study, however, since it’s based on the Key Chapters of the Bible Podcast (available for free on all podcast platforms including YouTube), even people who don’t love to read can listen to the podcast and be able to meaningfully work through the questions and engage in group or classroom discussions.

The Key Chapters Bible Podcast is a daily, 15ish minute podcast that goes over the key chapters of the Bible, one per day, explaining how it fits into the overall message of God and how it relates to our lives now. The podcast episodes are conversational and friendly in tone, and focus on what we need to know about that Key Chapter to understand its place in the overall Word of God. It starts in Genesis 1 on January 1st and then new episodes are published each day, going from Genesis to Revelation.

This book is the first of what will hopefully be an entire Bible Study series on the Key Chapters of the Bible. We’re getting ready to work on the Key Chapter of Exodus and hope to release it in the spring of 2023. 

Finally, we participate in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn small commissions from Amazon by linking to Amazon.com.  

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